Change Management

BAA Polska has carried out 150 important projects connected with change management. Such work has been performed to the largest extent for large entities of a complex organisational structure or for capital groups (PGNiG, AGROS, PEKAES, PKP). Crisis models of change management have also been developed for a large number of companies within the framework of the programmae commissioned from BAA by the European Bank for Redonstruction and Development, entitled ”Stabilisation – Restructuring – Privatisation”.

Change management means adjustment of company’s operations to evolving ambient conditions in order to achieve the best economic results. This process may cover all the areas of a company and also be limited solely to these spheres, which in the Client’s view do not work properly.

Advising in the process of change management is carried out at several stages. A diagnosis together with indication of the reasons for inefficiency is the initial stage. The second stage – depending on a degree and type of this inefficacy – a programme of optimisation of the business model, a restructuring programme, assumptions for improvement of organisational culture and possible innovation transfer are developed. Afterwards, change implementation tools, sources of financing of this process, its performers, and time schedule are defined. Introduction of the changes in question are the final stage.

In a situation when BAA’s experts fulfill a function of regular advisers to a company’s managing board their task also is to monitor operating activity on an ongoing basis and to identify the areas of required changes.